Hello this is ubu.

Ubu is a multidisciplinary independent creative agency with a focus on design and production. It believes in co-production, nourishes from different perspectives and supports interdisciplinary integration in order to offer the best to its customers. It allows brands to express themselves accurately and differently. It combines the flexibility and aesthetic approach of being a new design agency with strategic expertise. Processes experience and knowledge with insight.

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Services where we develop ideas and projects


Website Design
UI – UX Design
Gif Animation
Social Media


Advertising Film
Creative Direction
Creative Writing
Video Editing
Post Production

Brand Experience

How do consumers feel when they see your brand? What experiences does your brand remind them of? Do you have a story? Most importantly, does your brand have a feeling? We will discover, define and guide your marketing strategies and brand communications.

We do not hesitate to integrate new communication channels into the process.

Ubu manifesto: move and study pataphysics

According to Ubu, the more people move, the better they understand pataphysics. The more they understand pataphysics, the more they move. Ubu takes its name from the play Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry, the founder of pataphysics and writer. Ubu deals with the particular, not the general. Pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions, and this science excites Ubu. For Ubu, everything is equal.
Ubu is steadfast.